Friday, December 11, 2009

shifting tactics: rehearsal

nothing quite like gathering people in a room
and playing with the energy we bring
the surprise and discovery
(that is the opposite of blocking ;)

showed up to rehearsal with a draft of an idea
that with these few willing and ready troupes
we quickly shape into something

looking forward to sharing at the party TOMORROW!

short shakespeare monologues in coversation
Paulina responds to Angelo, Caliban calms Lady Macbeth, Hermione vs. Claudius...

Prospero and Caliban dispute the island
"and here you sty me in this hard rock, whilst you do keep me from the rest o' the island"
"thy vile race...wast thou deservedly confined into this rock, who hadst deserved more than a prison"

If you were standing at the threshold of death, the big goodbye, what would you say?
What is there to say?....

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