Monday, December 21, 2009

prison/ hotel

from our dear Ranger Dave...
from Reuters last year -

"Visitors to a German city can get that jailhouse feeling, by spending the night in a former prison turned hotel. At the "Alcatraz hotel" in Kaiserslautern, guests who want to spend a night behind bars can expect to pay around 50 euros, or 70 dollars (USD), for the experience."

I slept in a cell on our overnight... but I can't see myself paying to sleep in a cell (even if it's a former cell-turned-small modern hotel room).  But I am impressed how the lawyer-owners stayed true to the building's history, and are probably making a lot of money; we all know how popular Alcatraz Island is with the international tourists.

But what does the popularization of prisons say about our cultural awareness of incarceration?  Do you think any guest of the hotel has ever known anyone who's gone to prison?  Do you know anyone who has gone to prison?  What would inmates think of a hotel making money off of stylized prison cells-for-rent? 

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