Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alcatraz in 1900

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  1. Hello, I don't know how to add a seperate blog entry to this blog, so instead I will comment on this entry.

    I think that the Native American takeover of Alcatraz is one of the most amazing historical events on this continent, and that it must be highlighted during the We Players productions on the island. The fact that the near-genocide of Native Americans is ignored all the time in our country makes the takeover so important, 'we are still here' and 'we are not going away' are historically huge.

    the takeover was to draw attention to all the land that has been stolen from Native peoples and to get some justice for that- all the words you are focusing on for this play relate very much so to the Native American experience- access/isolation/justice/incarceration/redemption-- except there has not been any justice or redemption. Alcatraz was a big stand for justice and redemption for these peoples.

    If We does a series of plays without seriously engaging with this history, We will be perpetuating the silencing of Native American's call for justice, redemption, and reparations (LAND).

    I would be happy to help develop materials for such plays, and to help connect We with elders who know much about the history.