Monday, July 4, 2011

Youth Conference on Justice & Freedom

youth!  (14-18ish)

Join We Players for an action-packed afternoon on Alcatraz, SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011.  We'll explore the island via a treasure hunt, view the current gallery exhibit displaying youth perspectives on the Alcatraz themes, enjoy food and drink, group conversation, and create a collective art project, which will remain on the island for public viewing in the cell house gallery through mid-August.

Check our website for more details on this conference and the Faces We Wear exhibition currently on display in the cell house, sharing stories and artwork from teens at the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Knotted Line

Work WE believe in.

An important project by Evan Bissell, collaborating artist from We Players most recent Alcatraz gallery exhibition. Please check out The Knotted Line!


What is The Knotted Line?

The Knotted Line is an interactive, online art project that looks at the historical relationships between incarceration, education and labor in the United States from 1495-2025. It combines over 75 miniature paintings of historical moments housed inside an online tactile laboratory.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



maybe, perhaps, and possibly, you are inspired to vote for
for the very bestest, superduperest theatre company in the Bay.
At least we have the literally IN THE BAY aspect covered.
What with the island-stages and all!

Go here!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ernest Morgan Gets Paroled

Do you remember meeting this man, Ernest Morgan on the right ? At that time we were talking to Lonnie Morris, remarking on his amazing story, and our tour guide, Lt. Robinson, commented that Mr. Morgan was going to have a story real soon too. Well, the story is he got paroled. Here's the back story on that from this article where I got the foto (how did they get a camera in?).

Here's the after story on Mr. Morgan.

Lonnie Morris' story is an amazing chronicle of transformation, reform, redemption, all the words we use to describe what we hope can happen to a man behind bars, it just doesn't have the same ending as Ernest Morgan's, yet. Read Mr Morris' story at the link below.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Off the Hook

I killed a man. His mother’s tears and my mother’s tears

had no place to rest. They fell upon my heart, woke up

something inside of me. And I put down my sword.

- - - - -

The Aztecs say the hummingbird is a warrior. He beats back

darkness with iridescent wings. He sucks the evil out of

men, leaves them with a thirst for beauty.



Monday, April 11, 2011


Thank you wonderful people for such a fantastic day on Saturday, April 9th at We Players' second gallery opening event on Alcatraz.

Huge applause for artists Evan Bissell and Monica Lundy, your work is fantastic. Regular park visitors are filling the Band Practice Room to absorb your art. Very powerful to drop in these images, these ideas just before they exit through the gift shop...

Thank you Patrick Gillespie for your great work curating this exhibit and moderating Saturday's panel discussion.

Thank you Sujatha Baliga for your insights and for bringing your heart and deep knowledge to the conversation.

Jim Breeden, thank you for your ongoing commitment to skillful, comprehensive interpretation on Alcatraz.

Thank YOU all for joining WE and sharing in this charged conversation.

More soon...

* we