Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Welcome, WE've come to the land of blogging...

okay, I’ll admit, I’ve never been very good at keeping an active online presence.
I respond to emails and such, but a BLOG, oh my…
my friends know that when I’m at sea, I manage to scrawl these long, rambling stream of consciousness updates on my pirate adventures, from snatches of time on land.
But to regularly update a BLOG, and write complete sentences?
Well, I’ll try…

I’ll be attempting to reach my own goal of updates every other week...
and let you know what we’re discovering and how things are evolving.

I must admit, I’m more interested in what YOU’RE discovering, your questions, and your findings, so I hope you’ll get involved and post your thoughts HERE! We’re also looking for links to sites, articles, and so on, for the larger We Players’ community to share.
The themes:

solitary confinement.
the struggle of the self
conscience and consciousness.
madness or liberation?
crime and punishment.
healing and reconciliation.
judgment. mercy.

we start to gather
scatter the floor with paper
see what floats

post away!

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