Thursday, November 26, 2009

sleepover/ beginnings...

walking down D-block, alone 
(though tourists were still wandering the island, the cell house was remarkably quiet)

after the last light of day had faded from the clear night sky, 
a mere 10 minutes before We 15 gathered down on the Parade Ground for circle...

I listened,
and though I didn't hear anything verbal, I felt a sense of welcome.

I talked to the spirits,
stating that we are here in peace... with the desire to explore JUSTICE, deeply feel access and isolation, and experience the richness of now layered with residues of incarceration and redemption... with honest intentions to acknowledge the truth present on this Rock and to creatively express the hindrances to and opportunities for collectively shaping a more just future.

I listened,
and I felt a sense of welcome.

I do not believe/think I can clearly/effectively communicate with spirits (though I hope to soon meet a local indigenous person who can)... and I knew deep down that I had to try.

I do know what I felt.  
this Rock, these spirits, want to be heard.  
the space wants us to awaken to the spectacular world around us.

I am humbled and honored to participate in this project with We Players and the National Park Service and all.
I pray that our bodies and minds are safe and that are hearts are ever opening...

performance here holds the potential for profound provocation.
I pray that our process unfolds in a good way and reminds all that we are the awareness of our experience, and collectively, the architects of our culture.  

today I give thanks for all people who have the courage to feel the fullness of life and are willing to experience the vulnerability of honest expression.  and I give thanks for the ever-present possibility and the enlivening experience of transformation.

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