Tuesday, November 3, 2009


music. actors. dancers. drinks. merriment. conversation. dance party.
date to be announce soon....

Dinner Theater, February 4th
at St. John's, in the Mission
(15th and Julian)

mark your calendar!
spread the word!
invite your friends to the feast!
and make your reservation early…

Notes on the Residency:

This marks the first ever artist residency on Alcatraz!
Created specifically for We Players, by invitation from the National Park Service.

Special thanks to Howard Levitt (chief of interpretation for the GGNRA), and Amy Brees (site supervisor on Alcatraz), for the invitation, for their support, and their committed collaboration with WE.
Special thanks to the staff of Alcatraz Cruises for safe passage to and from the island, and special thanks to the Alcatraz Rangers and island staff for their enthusiasm and the budding collaborations and promising conversations already underway.

We Players are committed to making vital theater in public landscapes, using theater as a tool for engaging individuals and invigorating spaces.

Ever experimenting with what the work, and our presence in a place, ignites and stirs up in people. What questions and conversations we can actively explore when the full sensory apparatus is engaged via artistic experience. WE encourage seeing as an act of creation, listening as tuning in to the hidden stories that linger, and awakening to the wonder and ART all around us, all the time.

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