Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HAMLET on The Rock.

O god, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space......

We Players proudly announce our 2010 production
Shakespeare's HAMLET
to take place as an interactive, island-wide journey on the legendary
Alcatraz Island
this October/November

Stay tuned here for information about salon events, work-in-progress showings and discussions, and special gala performances on-site this summer.

This production is part of our three year residency on The Rock,
in collaboration with the National Park Service.
We are developing outreach programs and diverse on-site installations in conjunction with the production of Hamlet, to incorporate voices of under-served populations, such as people in prison and their families.

write to us at alcatraz@weplayers.org
or info@weplayers.org
with questions, suggestions, or to get involved.

an enterprise of great pith and moment

Join us!


  1. This is fantastic! Just saw the article in the NYTimes this morning. Can't wait to get a ticket! - a local Shakespeare aficionada

  2. An audacious and mesmerizing production. Go even if it is sold out- get there an hour early and go on the wait list- good chance you'll get on board! Only 2 more weekends- go!!! Dress warm and wear sneakers. Unforgettable!!!