Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am he as you are she as you are me and WE are all together.

Apologies to the Beatles for changing their I Am The Walrus lyric to be gender inclusive (ooooohhh I'm so evolved, I wear my short sleeved shirt over my long sleeved shirt over my short sleeved shirt). I gotta get this thing out about the AZ Overnight, remember that game WE played there, getting the nod and walking across that circle, leaving your safe place to take another's place? Made me feel so weird when I left my spot, like I didn't exist for a moment, reminded me of this conversation I had about quantum physics where scientists can see an electron in one shell before it jumps to the other shell, then see it in the other shell, but they can't find any evidence of its existence when it jumps, when it's in between those shells. Then I heard about these eleven dimensions where you can exist in different dimensions/times/places at the same time, spending years somewhere else in between moments. I brought a book that night because it had a scary story, Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston, where she describes her grandmother's experience at a medical school in China where all the women slept in a dorm, when there was a fine empty room, but it was haunted. Well, Grandmother took that room and battled a ghost all night, she left her body in the battle and was gone twelve years, and then woke up in that room the next morning. What does this mean? What's it all about Mr. Natural? Well, that night I thought that's what life was like on Alcatraz, a parenthesis, a dimensional jump, where there was no evidence of a man's existence, a place where men battled ghosts. One man described it as closing his eyes and seeing things then going places in his mind, that's how he dealt with it. Anyway, in the morning WE were all there, no matter where WE went that night, the one chance WE had to sleep in those cells. So for me that night was all about existence, being and non being, here and there, now and then, "to be or not to be" and everything in between.

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