Thursday, March 10, 2011

scouting for heroes

Some of the early responses to our question about Heroes.
Thank you March Forth dinner guests for helping us begin to gather...

* "heroes: Mothers"

* "first thoughts: although it’s inspiring to look up to heroes, I think we focus too much on putting a few people up above the rest of us as almost “superhuman”, which actually may keep the majority of us not acting, because we separate ourselves from them. They (the heroes) are great and able to make change, to lead, but we’re just everyday people without such power/ability/courage. I like looking at communities who worked together for positive change, to stand up against injustice and think creatively, act collectively, to accomplish heroic tasks. Ex: Bolivians fighting against the privatization of water. I love “heroes” who lead from behind too. It’s important to recognize the ones in the shadows, but making sure everything is organized and the movement goes on."

* "A hero follows the Manifesto of DONE"

* "A hero overcomes: fear, uncertainty, doubt, obstacles, tradition"

* "A hero - in literature is: perfect. unrealistic.

in real life is: a good example. real people with flaws."

* "Greg Mortenson, building schools in Afganistan and Pakistan"

* "My hero is my 21 month old son. He arrived here a 6lb 8oz baby, vulnerable and not knowing the world. he has blossomed into a beautiful, proud, loving, person, He lives fearlessly, purely and in the moment. he is an inspiration every day. He makes me love more and more, I see more love in the world because of him."

* "The hero endures, so in this regard the title refers equally to those who compose our social fabric (I think of immigrants, mothers, the working class) as much as those we elevate or recognize as leaders. Vision of the inspired or higher kind is another aspect - this is the fuel for heroic effort. Finally, the hero serves, reaches others, expresses our common, if latent desires, dreams."

And at least one of you posed more questions! (we like your style :)

- What does he do after? post hero!

- Where does the hero come from?

- What culture, people, environment, produces the hero?

- Why is he a hero? Glory of self? Betterment of world?

- Do base motivations deny him of his status?

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