Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not much I can say that hasn't been said ("All You Need Is Love") just appreciation to have been part of the Hallowe'en Hamlet audience (thanks A&A). I couldn't imagine at the beginning of the project how it would be accomplished, but it was and so well. The scene where Claudius tried to repent and Hamlet wouldn't kill him since he thought he might get into Heaven made me think of the prisoners and their struggle to exculpate themselves. I thought of all those men in their cells and wondered how many repeated that agony and how many broke under the weight of it. The themes of the Play and the Park seemed to join so smoothly. Anyway, I posted a review on FB that I hoped sounded like some kind of 'telegraphed in' piece, which a 'Friend' said reminded him of the Fat Guy/Skinny Guy movie review TV show. Here's the post and my reply:

I saw the We Players production of Hamlet on Alcatraz yesterday, Hallowe'en. The foreboding emotionally intense action propels the audience forward, anticipation building, toward the ultimate horror. The play reanimates the hopelessly guilty karmic soaked landscape and the ghostly grim abandoned architecture with the murderous motives and methods that landed men on the forbidding Rock in the first place. It is Alcatraz as nothing else could be.

and a comment:

Ha, I was goin for somethin, Fat Guy Critical maybe, got off track by the win fireworks, mini riot, cop cars outside, and it turned out kinda cryptic, tortured syntax, grammatical violence - hah, cryptic - hallowe'en - tortured - violence - Alcatraz - hah hah

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