Friday, March 19, 2010

How much more ?

You hafta look at this article, . Lonnie Morris, San Quentin lifer, convicted cop-killer, and by almost all accounts (not counting the San Pablo PD and the dead Cop's family) he's a model of rehab, reform, redemption, all the re-s. Somehow he got turned around, more like he turned himself around, but he can't get paroled. Somehow he become a murderer and then somehow he managed to find redemption ? How do you change from being a murderer ? If a man changes, finds a new self, gets reformed in prison, does this mean that the system worked ? We say this about lots of other programs when people complain of money wasted, 'but if one person is helped?'. What is it about about Lonnie Morris and Alcatraz cons like John Banner, Leon 'Whitey' Thompson, Jim Quillen, who received a Presidential Pardon or Darwin Coon who fostered nine children after he got out, that enabled them to change in jail and why is it that other men can't or couldn't, men like Alcatraz cons Robert Stroud and Henri Young ? Is it some kind of program that changes men, or is it something else, some inner quality, a spiritual experience, or that human desire to be free ? You know the story about the Zen master that ordered a hot dog from the street vendor asking for "One with everything" and handed over a Five. When the vendor didn't give him anything back, he asked for his change and the vendor replied "Ah, change must come from within". How much more does Lonnie Morris have to change ? What would happen to him if he did ? What is this really about ?

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